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Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital

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  • Biratnagar, Morang, Eastern Region of Nepal


Type of College Private
Established 2004
Affiliated Kathmandu University
MCI Approved NMC, WHO
Courses Offered MBBS, BDS, Nursing & BNS
Rating 4.8

Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital is a prominent healthcare institution known for its dedication to providing comprehensive medical services, education, and research. Located in [insert location], it stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence in the region. Established with a vision to deliver quality healthcare services and produce skilled medical professionals, Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital has emerged as a leading healthcare provider in the community. The institution is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, modern medical equipment, and a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals committed to delivering compassionate care to patients.

As a teaching hospital, Nobel Medical College plays a crucial role in medical education and research. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine and allied health sciences, attracting students from diverse backgrounds who aspire to excel in the field of healthcare. The hospital provides a conducive environment for learning, with opportunities for hands-on clinical experience under the guidance of experienced mentors.


Before being admitted to the Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, the candidate must be aware of the admission procedure and required documents of the respective college. It enables them to make informed decisions and prepare accordingly.

Admission Process of Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital

  • Contact Pice Educare Admission department.
  • Next, an application form from Nobel Medical College will be filled out for the student.
  • Later, documents will be required to process the admission letter of the J Nobel Medical College .
  • The verification department of Pice Educare will verify the required documents and review the student’s eligibility criteria. If the students are selected they will receive an admission letter from the college.
  • Once an admission letter is sent to students then the visa process will be started and students will prepare for the immigration process.
  • Then the students have to pay the required minimum fees & charges
  • After completing all the documentation and officials process students will get the confirmation to join the class of that medical college in Bangladesh
  • Then students have to pay required first-year admission fees & charges
  • Finally, the aspirants will board the flight and begin their journey to fulfill their dream.


Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital offers distinctive medical programs covered by expert educators. The medical college aims to provide quality education using modern infrastructure and technologies.

Course Name Course Duration
MBBS 4.5 + 1 Years
BDS 5..5 Years
BSc Nursing -


Fees Structure

At Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, it is believed that only education has the potential to empower society and an educated individual leads them towards victory and prosperity. This medical college has understood the necessity of medical education and designed its curriculum to produce empathetic and knowledgeable doctors ready to serve society. Courses on practical exposure and hands-on training are drafted to ensure the candidate's adaptation to real-life problems and their decision-making strategies.


After obtaining a degree from the renowned Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, students get placed in various sectors. The medical college offers comprehensive guidance for their students to get placed and come out victorious in the future. Let us discover some of the career options open before the aspirants.

Exciting Internship Programs: Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital in collaboration with other healthcare facilities brings exciting internship options for its students. Through these internships, students would get exposure to real-life problems and their solutions enabling them to be experienced enough to get placed in any healthcare sector across the country.

Seminars for Networking: Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital is well known for organizing medical events, seminars, and workshops so that the students get a chance to interact with the industry's best experts and solidify networking with them. Thus, it helps them to acquire valuable insights from the professionals and the scope of socialization leading to internships and job placements.

International Scope: The medical students from Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital have all the capability to fly abroad and get placed. The institution produces world-class medical professionals and has a global presence that can be felt through its successful alumni located all over the world.


  • Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital provides more than 750 Beds for patients.
  • The medical college garnered attention for providing standard medical education.
  • The medical college facilitates well-equipped and modernized laboratories.
  • Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital offers super specialty hospital services.
  • The medical college provides residential spaces for the accommodation of the students.
  • It has some of the best and most advanced functional skill labs offering practical training for the pupils.


  • NEET Qualification is Mandatory
  • The students must have scored at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Must have studied English in the HSC examination
  • The students must be at least 17 years old


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